BND Workspace Layout and Pomless Builds

Tycho supports building projects that use the BND Workspace Layout as described here.

BND Workspace Layout

A BND Workspace layout build layout usually has the following structure:

  • root folder - this usually is the root of your project repository (e.g. git)
    • cnf - configuration folder for general setup
      • build.bnd - main configuration file
      • ext - additional configuration (optional)
    • bundle1 - A bundle project
      • bnd.bnd - project configuration file
    • bundle2 - Another bundle project
      • bnd.bnd - project configuration file
    • ...

any folder that do not match the layout is ignored.

Pomless Builds

Given the above layout, Tycho now has a good knowledge about what your build artifacts are. In contrast to a traditional maven build where each module has to contain a pom.xml file Tycho can derive most all from your supplied bnd configuration files, so everything is configured there and usually no additional maven configuration is required, therefore this build is completely pomless (no pom.xml), there are only a few steps to consider:

  1. Add a folder called .mvn to the root
  2. Inside the .mvn folder place a file called extensions.xml with the following content:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  1. create a file called maven.config in the .mvn folder with the following content (adjust the version accordingly!):
  1. You can now run your build with mvn clean verify

A runnable demo can be found here:

Mixed Builds

You can even combine a BND Workspace and PDE bundles in a build, a runnable demo can be found here: