System Properties

Tycho understands some system properties beyond the ones documented in the respective goals to fine-tune certain behavior and to help with troubleshooting.

Disclaimer: This page is incomplete.

Common Properties

These properties are understood by the Tycho-core and affect all maven plugins:

Name Value Documentation
tycho.mode maven Completely disables the Tycho lifecycle participant in Maven. For standard Tycho use-cases this is typically not necessary, since e.g. the clean goal already disables this. However, this can be useful when explicitly invoking external goals, e.g. mvn -Dtycho.mode=maven, in order to improve performance.


Name Value Documentation
tycho.debug.artifactcomparator any In tycho-p2-plugin, output verbose artifact comparison information during baseline validation
tycho.debug.resolver true or artifactId Enable debug output for the artifact resolver for all projects or the project with the given artifactId